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Fluid Images

Shrink images to fit with CSS attribute selectors.

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Music Making on the iPad

The forthcoming Apple iPad will be a great touch-sensitive tool for musicians weaned on the likes of Ableton Live.

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An idea for a new Twitter client.

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Maciej Ceglowski reflects on the progress of his clone.

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EHIC Scams

Avoid and when applying for an EHIC on the web.

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A review of Omm Writer, a new text editor for the Macintosh.

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Chemex Coffee

Chemex pour-over coffee makers look as beautiful as the coffee they make

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The Newton Returns

Apple's latest patent application points to a new tablet with a stylus, just like the Newton.

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Mapumental offers interactive choropleth maps that you can filter by transport, house prices, and 'scenicness'.

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On the WordPress security scare

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