Phillip Garrido's Weblog

Phillip Garrido, the suspect in the kidnapping and 18-year imprisonment of Jaycee Lee Dugard, kept a weblog, Voices Revealed. It details his belief that he can control sound waves in order to transmit the voices of angels.

Thanks to Google Street View and Google Maps, you can watch a van pull out of the Garrido’s driveway and make its way to the nearby crossroads, or look at an aerial view of the backyard sheds and tents where Dugard and her two children were held.

Prurient interest in a disturbing case aside, it’s fascinating how easily and quickly one can find context to flesh out a news story–Garrido’s bizarre assertion that his story is ‘heartwarming’ makes a lot more sense if you’ve read his weblog–with a couple of simple searches.