Belated Realisation

On May 2nd, 2004, I pinged the LazyWeb, asking someone to invent an application that would make my mobile ‘phone ring, so that I could find it.

Five-and-a-bit years later, on June 17th 2009, Apple answered my call, releasing the wonderful Find My iPhone service. Nice one.

But, back in 2003, my Sony Ericsson t610 would display pop-up notifications on my Mac whenever I received a call, and even let me carry on SMS conversations from the computer, without so much as touching the ‘phone:

A desktop alert from 2003

As far as I can tell, six years later, my iPhone–which makes the t610, a great ‘phone in its day, look like a relic of a bygone age–can’t show me who’s calling on my Mac, and won’t let me chat via SMS from the comfort of my keyboard.

Perhaps I’ve missed something–the old Address Book Bluetooth features were pretty obscure. In which case: does anyone know how to bring the iPhone and OS 10.6 up to the standard set by the t610 and OS 10.2?

Having to walk across the room to answer a text message is just so 2002.

Lazyweb, I do hope the answer takes less than five years, this time!