Old Browser Testing

I happened upon some late-1990s vintage files yesterday, which I’d written using Appleworks, and saved in the .cwk format. Silly me.

Rather than wade through a load of file format gobbledegook to find the information I needed, I fired up OS 9 (using the excellent COI, a SheepShaver-based PowerPC emulator) and enjoyed the peculiar nostalgia of reading pieces I wrote in 1998, in the app I used to write them, on the operating system I used at the time.

Before I shut down the virtual Bondi Blue iMac G3, I took a quick look at this website in the browsers I had handy.

iCab 3.0.5

This website in iCab 3.0.5

Netscape 7.0

This website in Netscape 7.0

Internet Explorer for Mac 4.5

This website in IE Mac 4.5

Not bad, considering.