The Dropbox API Is Coming

Quickoffice Mobile Connect Suite launched last week, with an intriguing new feature: Dropbox integration. Point the app at your Dropbox, and you can create, edit and delete files there; in a second or two, the changes you make take effect in the Dropbox folder(s) on your computer(s).

That’s pretty cool. And I reckon it’s a sign of some very exciting things to come, too. Here’s why: in order to do its stuff, QMCS must be using the as-yet-unreleased Dropbox API.

At present, there are many great ways to keep stuff on your Mac synchronised with your iPhone, with the emphasis on ‘many’: I have to use a total of four applications, and a pair of user accounts, just to make a directory of plain text files on my Mac available in two of my favourite iPhone apps, WriteRoom and Simplenote. Which is silly. Synchronisation and cloud storage should be platform and application agnostic.

When the Dropbox API launches–it’s due in March, apparently–it could well put an end to per-app sync solutions, and offer instead synchronisation that ‘just works’: sign up for one account, and all your files, whatever their format, will be accessible from any application that supports Dropbox, on any device.

Can’t wait.