iPad Reviews

The general consensus is that the iPad is, like, really cool, and can serve as a laptop replacement for most users. One thing that stood out for me is the iPad’s incredibly long battery life. Not the most thrilling feature, admittedly, but one that makes the iPad truly portable in a way that current laptops, netbooks and ‘phones aren’t.

  1. Looking at the iPad from Two Angles, David Pogue: “…in my own test, the iPad played movies continuously from 7:30 a.m. to 7:53 p.m. — more than 12 hours.”
  2. Laptop Killer? Pretty Close, Walt Mossberg: “I was able to watch four feature-length movies, four TV episodes and a video of a 90-minute corporate presentation, before the battery died midway through an episode of ‘The Closer.’”
  3. Sure, the iPad is cool–but is it a real computer?, Andy Ihnkato: “The 10-hour battery means you won’t need to be the least bit stingy or conservative with it, either.”