Pinboard Slash Fandom →

Apparently, Delicious (née was awfully popular with fandom types, especially the ones who enjoy slash fiction.

So, when the men who invented YouTube completely and utterly ruined the once-great service, breaking tags with a / in them in the process, the fandom people jumped ship–no pun intended–to Pinboard, a superior bookmarking service.

Next, the fandom people set up a Google Doc so they could collaborate on feature requests. Maciej, the bloke who made Pinboard, joined in, answering questions and offering tips.

Impressed, one of the fandom people wrote a piece of slash fiction about an anthropomorphised Pinboard lothario shagging an anthropomorphised fandom community, making an anthropomorphised Delicious jealous. Amazing.

This is such a perfect storm of arcane web culture, pervy strangeness and general nerdery that I almost don’t care that Pinboard’s ‘popular’ page is now completely swamped with links to cringeworthy short stories about, I dunno, Dumbledore inappropriately touching Wesley Crusher.