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Godfather of Gangsta

Cecil Brown tells the remarkable tale of Stagolee

Collective Motion of Moshers at Heavy Metal Concerts

Human collective behavior can vary from calm to panicked depending on social context. Using videos publicly available online, we study the highly energized collective motion of attendees at heavy metal concerts. We find these extreme social gatherings generate similarly extreme behaviors: a disordered gas-like state called a mosh pit and an ordered vortex-like state called a circle pit. Both phenomena are reproduced in flocking simulations demonstrating that human collective behavior is consistent with the predictions of simplified models.

Pick-up artists trying to chat up a robot horse

Having spent a few months trawling the “seduction community” where men share canned routines for “opening” (i.e., talking to) women, it’s fascinating to see their scripted conversations play out from the opposite perspective, that of a robot horse.

Beat Delete

Browse through our extensive list of out-of-press albums and singles. If you find something you like, make an order and once the order threshold is reached the record label will repress that product and post it straight out to you.

Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avia (RFC1149)

The IP datagram is printed, on a small scroll of paper, in hexadecimal, with each octet separated by whitestuff and blackstuff. The scroll of paper is wrapped around one leg of the avian carrier. A band of duct tape is used to secure the datagram’s edges. The bandwidth is limited to the leg length. The MTU is variable, and paradoxically, generally increases with increased carrier age. A typical MTU is 256 milligrams. Some datagram padding may be needed.

Royal Bodies

…I saw Kate becoming a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung.