Some Links

  • SubPac

    SubPac is a high-fidelity portable tactile audio device that quietly and directly transfers low frequencies to your body.

T.S. Eliot – The Waste Land | Rap Genius
Rap lyric analysis website provides a gloss on The Waste Land.
Geo for Bootstrap, a Timeless Theme by Divshot
A Geocities-inspired Bootsrtap Theme!
Movie Studios Want Google to Take Down Their Own Takedown Request | TorrentFreak

…several copyright holders including 20th Century Fox and NBC Universal have sent Google takedown requests asking the search engine to take down links to takedown request they themselves sent.

Then Play Long

Marcello Carlin and Lena Friesen review every UK number one album so that you might want to hear it. They’re up to Gensis’ Abacab, number one on the 26th of September, 1981.

The Guardian Audio Edition
An hour’s worth of Grauniad pieces a week, read aloud.
Sex, Gender, and Toilets

I present here for your perusal, a typology and analysis of various washroom signs.