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Xbox 360’s Kinect causes trouble for users during next-gen livestream reveal

Xbox 360 Kinect owners had some trouble today watching Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal due to device’s response to “Xbox” commands spoken during the livestream.

Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia

The unmasking of a writer who took extraordinary advantage of online anonymity to pursue old vendettas.

The real origins of Tumblr

Lost in the storylines surrounding Tumblr’s $1.1 billion acquisition by Yahoo has been the early influence that the sites anarchaia and Projectionist had on David Karp.

Oxford Town, Red Hook, and Every Other Place Bob Dylan’s Ever Sung About, Mapped

…to mark Dylan’s 72nd birthday and the 50th anniversary of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, his breakthrough album, we present Bob Dylan’s World, an interactive map with entries for every place-name in a song written by Dylan and released on some kind of album (including the official Greatest Hits and Bootleg series).

One of the best things about Netflix is discovering daft sci-fi telly that never made it to the UK.