Some Links

Subtle Jokes of Season 4
A trove of Arrested Development trivia. See also: More Subtle Season 4 Stuff
Tweets out of Context

Twitter API returning results that do not respect arrow of time.

A sci-fi short story presented as a Twitter bug report.

BBC radio downloads

The BBC Trust has approved proposals from the BBC Executive to offer BBC radio content for download to bring it into line with TV catch-up programmes on iPlayer.

DRM-encumbered, time-limited and downloaded via the iPlayer application, but still.

FCO Bloggers
Weblogs by UK embassy and consulate staff. Rather dry, mostly, but with the occasional flash of FOOC-ishness.
We’re the Uber of Organ Transplants.

Worried our transplanters aren’t totally qualified? Just check their star ratings. When transplanters give great service, maybe by removing a tumor they find during the transplant, or by offering an iPhone charging station in the operating facility, our users will give them great ratings. Similarly, if a transplanter gives not-so-great service, by arriving late or abandoning the user in a bathtub full of ice with two large incisions marking where their kidneys once were, our users will give them just one or two stars. When you’ve got our star rating system, you don’t need some wall full of diplomas to know your transplanter will take good care of you. That’s the beauty of the crowd.

Autogenerated startup elevator pitches. This one gave me the giggles: It’s like Grindr, but for clergy.

Free silhouette images of animals, plants, and other life forms, available for reuse under a Public Domain or Creative Commons license.

Via Macdrifter.