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A smartphone made with conflict-free materials (i.e., the tantalum in its capacitors isn’t soaked in the blood of Congolese children).
Twin Peaks Theme [VERY RARE ALTERNATE 1988 VOCAL (pre-Julee Cruise) - for true TWIN PEAKS fans ONLY]

This ultra-rare take has only been heard by a select few industry insiders. Only now in 2013 can this version be heard in its entirety.

Tee hee!

Tom Chatfield – Language and digital identity

All future histories of modern language will be written from a position of explicit and overwhelming information…

The true web « Snarkmarket

These faint tendrils of connection are almost invisible when quiescent, but then out of nowhere—-hello!—-they light up again.

Snarkmarket waxes poetic on one of the most useful ‘features’ of RSS: it’s impossible to lose touch with websites that go quiet for a time.

iOS 7 - Matt Gemmell

Where there were previously gloomy cubbyholes and low ceilings, there are now floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and clean surfaces.

The windows, skylights and surfaces are all the wrong shape and made of neon.

Children of the Drone
A slightly breathless profile of James Bridle/introduction to the New Aesthetic.
Kompakt: An oral history

As it reaches its 20th anniversary, RA tells the story of one of electronic music’s most celebrated institutions.

Weirdly, I’d forgotten everything I knew about Kompakt before and after the heady days of Schaffelfieber.