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Frere-Jones vs. Hoefler

However, in the most profound treachery and sustained exploitation of friendship, trust and confidence, Hoefler accepted all of the benefits provided by Frere- Jones while repeatedly promising Frere-Jones that he would give him the agreed equity, only to refuse to do so when finally demanded.

The curse of the double-barrelled type designer strikes again.

Craig Kee Strete
Free ebooks of work by Native American sci-fi author Craign Kee Strete (Borges was a fan).

Via MetaFilter.

The Suda On Line

The Suda is a massive 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, derived from the scholia to critical editions of canonical works and from compilations by yet earlier authors. The purpose of the Suda On Line is to open up this stronghold of information by means of a freely accessible, keyword-searchable, XML-encoded database with translations, annotations, bibliography, and automatically generated links to a number of other important electronic resources. To date over 170 scholars have contributed to the project from eighteen countries and four continents. Of the 30,000-odd entries in the lexicon, over 25,000 have been translated as of this date, and more translations are submitted every day.

2013 According To The Daily Express Front Page

We looked at the front page headline of all 364 editions of the Daily and Sunday Express in 2013 to find out just which topics really dominated Express-world this year.

How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood
The story of the streaming service’s micro-genres.
Iron Maiden Tracks Down Pirates…. And Gives Them Concerts?

For more than a decade piracy has been a hot topic in the music industry. While some of the major labels have tried to eliminate the problem by taking pirates to court, English heavy metal band Iron Maiden has taken a more positive approach to the phenomenon. Instead of hunting down pirates for lawsuits, the band is reportedly using file-sharing data to plan their tour locations, and not without success.

A discussion of the Federation’s not-quite-post-scarcity economy, cybernetic communism, The Eugenics Wars, &c..
This charming charlie
Peanuts vs. The Smiths.
Government delays EU immigration report because it is too positive

The latest part of Whitehall’s Balance of Competences study, which looked specifically at freedom of movement, had been due to be released yesterday. But, according to reports, it has now been shelved until next year because Theresa May, the Home Secretary, takes issues with its findings.

The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013 | Poynter.

It’s always notable when a paper misspells its own name. It’s even more notable when a paper misspells its own name in an article celebrating recent awards for journalistic excellence…

Artificial leg sparks ‘paedophile panic’ at pool
How I introduced a 27-year-old computer to the Web
Browsing with MacWeb 2.0 on a Mac Plus running System 7.0, via a Raspberry Pi running a PPP server and a custom proxy.