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Grime Numbers Station
Oh, this is just glorious.
MINIX 3 Successfully Ported To ARM

The MINIX 3 operating system has been successfully ported to ARM and is starting to be supported by some ARM development boards.

New Scotland kit reflects country’s tradition of twee indie music

SCOTLAND’S new away kit represents the country’s history of producing delicate indie music for manchildren, according to the SFA.

It should ideally be viewed in Kelvingrove Park in the early autumn sunshine, but kit manufacturer Adidas has reassured fans that it can also be enjoyed through the viewfinder of a Super 8 camera.

MC5: A True Testimonial
Great documentary that toured the festivals in 2002, but was never released due to a legal squabble between the producers and Wayne Kramer.
sexisminschool: Tales of School Sexism from a 10 year old

Why can’t we all be treated as equals?

How do we sort this out?

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, &c..

Government complicit in redaction of exam questions on evolution

The National Secular Society has discovered that exam boards, the exam regulator and the government have been colluding with faith schools to accommodate creationism in schools.

The OCR allows schools to redact questions on evolution, on the basis that the exam board ‘respect[s] their need to do this in view of their religious beliefs’.

BABYMETAL - Doki Doki☆ Morning
Thrash metal meets K-Pop. Not just a one-off, either–this is an actual proper grenre in Japan and Korea.
Blind date

Would you introduce him to your friends?

To my Christian American ones.

I think I’m safe in saying that wardrobe stylist Suave Gordon did not enjoy his blind date with educator Andrew Martin.