Bookmarks for the 22nd of May, 2014

  • UKIP candidate Peter Lello arrested for ‘sex assault’ on homeless Bulgarian man


  • Major U.K. Real-Time Train Database Opens Up To More Developers

    A long-standing pain-point for U.K. developers wanting to do cool things with real-time train data looks like it’s going to ease up, thanks to changes in the terms of access and usage being announced today.


  • On the Future of MetaFilter

    Peak ads, MetaFilter’s Google Problems, and the need to scale back.

  • The New Internet Gods Have No Mercy

    Metafilter came from two or three internets ago, when a website’s core audience—people showing up there every day or every week, directly—was its main source of visitors.

  • On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google: An Explainer

    MetaFilter is a news and discussion site dating back to the early years of the web. Founded in 1999, it’s attracting attention this week after coming forward about how a Google penalty has severely harmed its business, to the degree of having to let staff go. It serves as a poster child of problems with Google’s penalty process, despite all the advances Google has made over the years.

  • Why Has Google Forsaken MetaFilter?

    Is Google broken? Or is your site broken? That’s the question any webmaster asks when she sees her Google click-throughs drop dramatically. It’s a question that Matt Haughey, founder of legendary Internet forum MetaFilter, has been asking himself for the last year and a half…

  • Help Fund MetaFilter

    If you like Metafilter and want to help support its continued operation, we’re accepting both one-time and monthly contributions.