Bookmarks for the 18th of June, 2014

  • Normal – Jeremy Keith

    I try not to be a judgemental person. But if I see someone in public with a copy of The Sun, I’m going to judge them. And no, it’s not a class thing: I just don’t consider misogyny to be socially acceptable. And if you participate in Reddit or Hacker News …well, I’m afraid I’m going to judge you too. I don’t consider it socially acceptable.

  • University of Cambridge on Soundcloud

    Lots and lots of lectures to download.

  • On Reporting – Bobbie Johnson

    Matter’s profile piece on Shanley Kane of Model View Culture has gone tits up, apparently because Kane didn’t understand the usual process of writing a profile piece.

    All rather odd, though I can see how fact checking could feel exactly like harassment (in the US at least, where it’s common practice to verify every claim in a piece with multiple sources).

  • YouTube to block indie labels who don’t sign up to new music service

    Remember when Google did loads of dead cool stuff and we all thought they were ace?

  • Sorry, David Cameron, but your British history is not mine – Owen Jones

    There is a history of Britain that is about empire, aristocracy, monarchy, the established church, exploitative employers, and so on. The Tory view of history is founded on the myth of a benevolent elite granting carefully managed change out of goodwill and generosity. But there is another history, of struggle from below against those in power – often at great cost and sacrifice – by ordinary people who are airbrushed from history. These different histories inform a schism in values that lasts to this day.

    The babyfaced socialist pinup is spot on here, I think.