Some Links

Improving Twitter search with real-time human computation

We’ve built a real-time human computation engine to help us identify search queries as soon as they’re trending, send these queries to real humans to be judged, and then incorporate the human annotations into our back-end models.

No mention of how much these ‘real humans’ are paid, though apparently some assess Twitter search queries full-time.


WebExcursions, a script for gathering new Pinboard links with a certain tag and generating Markdown/Jekyll posts when enough are collected.

Eight hours of DJ/Rupture, from 2001’s still-wonderful Gold Teeth Thief to the present.
Pinboard Workflow and Notes
Sean Korzdorfer’s Pinboard techniques, including some Delish tips and IFTTT recipes.
Beautiful web type

…the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory.

How the Africans Became Black

A Liberian-American reflects on the experiences of Africans who have moved to the United States, a growing community that accounts for 3 percent of the U.S.’s foreign-born population.