Some Links

A mixtape catalogue. I suspect I’ll end up downloading everything they’ve released over the past four years.
exorcising the WIMP

This document describes remedial modifications which I have come to depend on to make the WIMP environment more useful and bearable (though some of the things described here remain useful in the absence of a GUI).

Is Siri really Apple’s future?

Siri’s opportunity here to win the hearts and minds of users is to change the rules of the game from relatively rigid, linear and largely decontextualized CLI search towards a much more humane approach where the user declares his intent but doesn’t have to tell Siri how do it every step of the way.

Can Siri go deaf, mute and blind?
Siri, the internet of things and “the best interface is no interface”.
First Details About Black Mirror Season 2!
More Nigel Knealery from Charlie Brooker on the way.
Linux Future
A look at the ongoing, er, deUNIXification of Linux distributions. Refreshingly free of wild systemd ranting.

A library of recommended literary fiction from around the world….