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What about Spot?
Kibo joins MetaFilter.
The Ambient Kettle
Every time Laura Cowen makes a cup of tea, her kettle sends a tweet to let her Mum know. One of the default tweet texts reads ‘maybe a hot Ribena for a change’.
Sonic Arts Network

Maddalena Fagandini joined the Radiophonic Workshop in 1960. She worked in sound for about 10 years, before becoming a TV producer in 1965. The following is taken from an interview with her on 23rd March, 2000. In her explanations of how she created some of her unique sounds, she gives interesting, entertaining insight into what it was like working in the Radiophonic Workshop at that time and into the inter- relationship between music and drama

Habemus opinionem: The New York Times experiments with more structured online comments » Nieman Journalism Lab

On Wednesday afternoon… the [New York] Times rolled out an experimental approach designed to enhance discussion by adding structured data.

Filter bubbling for comments.

The Return of NetNewsWire

First, we intend to bring sync to future versions of NetNewsWire. It’s too soon to go into details about this, but you should know that we recognize how extremely important it is and that it is a top priority for us. Second, even though we’ve been quiet about it, we have been working on new versions of NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

‘Quiet’ is an understatement–I can’t be the only NetNewsWire user who’d assumed Black Pixel had abandoned the application.

Twitter / ryan: This is by far the best bit …

This is by far the best bit of user interface design I have ever seen. Ever. EVER.

Speculation regarding a possible “SmartBand” product

Today it occurred to me that it could have an interesting use: acting as a gestural, accelerometer-based, Kinect-like remote. Worn on the wrist of your dominant hand, it should be able to detect swipes and jabs, or even control an onscreen pointer.

If Apple are making a thing that’s worn on the wrist, I’d prefer this sort of thing to a gussied-up watch.

Reel 2 Real - Home

Reel to Real is the archival sound project at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Collections Fund.

This website offers an introduction to the hundreds of hours of archival sounds held by the Museum, the field recordists, their related collections, and a host of other resources such as films and the work of contemporary sound artists associated with the project.