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The Card
A loyalty card for independent shops, bars, &c. in Liverpool.
Ed, man! !man ed

Note the consistent user interface and error reportage. Ed is generous enough to flag errors, yet prudent enough not to overwhelm the novice with verbosity.

Wanted: Young Creation Scientists

…there is much work that still needs to be done, and this work is hindered by a lack of trained scientists. Therefore, we appeal to any Bible-believing young person with an interest in science—have you considered cultivating that science interest for the glory of God?

I wonder, could there be a reason why creationism might not appeal to ‘trained scientists’?

Reddit or Stormfront?

Can you tell the difference between Reddit comments and Stormfront comments?

Spoiler: probably not.

Making Prescription Google Glass
Using magnets to secure and align the guts of Google Glass on the arm of a normal pair of specs–seems a better idea than the all-in-one original.
New ‘Breaking Bad’ episode now available on Netflix UK just hours after US premiere
How to prevent piracy.
Adversarial Stylometry [PDF]

The use of stylometry, authorship recognition through purely linguistic means, has contributed to literary, historical, and criminal investigation breakthroughs. Existing stylometry research assumes that authors have not attempted to disguise their linguistic writing style. We challenge this basic assumption of existing stylometry methodologies and present a new area of research: adversarial stylometry. Adversaries have a devastating effect on the robustness of existing classification methods. Our work presents a framework for creating adversarial passages including obfuscation, where a subject attempts to hide her identity, and imitation, where a subject attempts to frame another subject by imitating his writing style, and translation where original passages are obfuscated with machine translation services.

The Newtonians: Worldwide Cult Ditches iPhone for Apple’s Distant Past
I love my Newtons, even if I haven’t used them much since the iPad arrived - they’re still better than a fancy modern iOS- or Android-powered device in some respects, especially when it comes to applications sharing data and the magical ‘Assist’ button.
Smashing Telly - A hand picked TV channel
After three years of silence, Smashing Telly seems to be back.
now and in the past

The other day James and Kio start discussing what an “internet tense” would be and I get reminded of ‘footballers’ tense’ - the way footballers and commentators often talk on TV.