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This Painting is not Available in your Country
This Painting is not Available in your Country
A lengthy and detailed Archers timeline, from Daniel Archer’s birth in 1896 to Nigel & Elizabeth’s wedding in 1995. I cannot sodding believe that Linda Snell arrived in Ambridge in 1986–I still think of her as a new character!
Cinephilia and Beyond
A weblog about films and stuff.
Race is central to the fear and angst of the US right

The shrinking white base of the Republican party cannot accept the country in which it now lives – so it shut it down.

Siegfried & Roy, 10 years later
A rather sweet profile of the tiger-mauled magicians, with an elephant in the room.
Applied Ballardianism

From the files of Dr Ricardo Battista, School of Specialization in Cryogenics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Archipelago Preface

Today I would probably describe Archipelago as a group blog. It was a computer-based system that allowed about a dozen members to regularly post short essays and whimsical observations. Each member had his or her own icon which appeared next to timestamped postings which contained pictures, sounds, and hyperlinks. All pretty standard except for one thing: the year was 1988.