Some Links

Dogecoin Foundation Collects Over 4 Million Dogecoins in Order to Send India’s Luge Contender to The Olympics
Shiva Keshavan joins the Jamaican bobsledders on Team Dogecoin.
Flyer by Glasgow UKIP candidate
Accuses the BBC of mass murder, NATO police of kidnapping tens of thousands of children for sale to brothels. Just your usual UKIP stuff, really.
init system discussion - the highlights
High drama on the Debian lists!
Good Postcard Club

Postcard club is for people who like to send and receive postcards.

If you’d like to join, send your name and address on a postcard [to the club].

Someone who’s already in the Club will send you a postcard back.

The business of the Club is conducted via postcards. You will never get any email about it, or have to remember any passwords.


Bittylicious | Buy UK Bitcoins Quickly
Quickly and expensively, but you can buy small amounts via bank transfer without verifying your identity–worth a look if you live in the UK and want a passel of mBTC to muck about with.