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20th century email newsletters

I kept meaning to look back at some of the email newsletters I used to subscribe to in the 1990s and, with Dan Hon and Laura E. Hall’s Internet of Newsletters appearing today, I thought I should get it done.

I’ve been subscribed to the TidBITS newsletter for 18 years, Popbitch for 12. Crikey.

The abovementioned webring for newsletters.
The 49-U6U Slaughterhouse

In the early hours of 27 January 2014, a chain of events was set in motion that caused what is arguably the largest single player vs. player combat engagement in the history of online gaming.

Silk: The Clerks’ Room
Three plays on Radio 4, based on the brilliant/terrible courtroom drama.
Ronnie Moore: Tranmere Rovers manager admits FA betting charge

Moore’s breach relates to Rule E8(b) of the FA’s regulations.

This states that any participant in football “shall not bet, either directly or indirectly, or instruct, permit, cause or enable any person to bet on the result, progress or conduct of a match or competition in which the participant is participating, or has participated in that season; or in which the participant has any influence, either direct or indirect.”

Ronnie Moore: Tranmere Rovers sack manager after betting breach

Tranmere have sacked manager Ronnie Moore after he admitted breaking the Football Association’s betting rules.

‘Uncertainties’ for Tranmere Rovers

…the latest accounts from Tranmere Rovers Football Club Ltd, which have just been posted at Companies House and were signed off at the end of March, include “fundamental uncertainties regarding the future of the business”.