Today's Links

Simple Public License (SimPL-2.0)

This Simple Public License 2.0 (SimPL-2.0 for short) is a plain language implementation of GPL 2.0.  The words are different, but the goal is the same - to guarantee for all users the freedom to share and change software.

SMS-powered money transfer system arrives in Europe

No smartphone required: Kenyan-developed M-Pesa enables basic banking services.

Only in Romania, for now. I really don’t understand why M-Pesa is only now making its way to Europe, almost a decade after its launch in Kenya.

Government takes important step towards modernising copyright

Changes to bring UK copyright law up to date for the digital age have taken an important step forward today (27 March 2014), as the government publishes the final Exceptions to Copyright regulations for consideration by Parliament.

It’s now legal to rip the CDs and DVDs you own. Phew.

Action Movie Kid
Small child granted superpowers by DreamWorks dad.
Third life: Flickr co-founder pulls unlikely success from gaming failure. Again
Glitch begat Slack, just as Game Never Ending begat Flickr.