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‘JIF’ Is the Format. ‘GIF’ Is the Culture
Nah, it’s GIF for both.
PM listeners’ sounds
Field recordings from PM listeners.
Jeremy Clarkson and Ukip are not mavericks, but the bullying face of the establishment

He is a central part of the establishment. He parties with Cameron. Just as Ukip is not a maverick party, but made up of disgruntled Tories; just as Boris Johnson is not a maverick but a born-to-rule chancer; just as bloggers such as Guido Fawkes pretend to be anti-politics mavericks but are hard-rightwingers – this section of the right deludes itself that it is somehow “outside” the establishment rather than its pumping heart.

Brewing Perfection

No barista champion, brewer’s cup finalist, supercomputer controlled precision-engineered coffee contraption, or Michelin starred chef is going to add any outsized transcendence to a cup of coffee that you could not also achieve with the same beans and a modest level of meticulousness.

eko Zippy

The eko zippy is one of our smaller electric mopeds, however packs either a respectable 2000w or a powerful 3000w electric motor.

Just over a grand. It looks vaguely like a proper scooter, too.

Ian Goodison: Tranmere Rovers release stalwart and two others

Ian Goodison’s spell at Tranmere Rovers is over after the League Two-bound club released him, ending his 10-year stay.


MLKSHK Shutting Down
A shame–MLKSHK was great fun, but I suspect no one really needs a Twitter-ish place to share images when you can share images on Twitter.
A sad sign of our times
What Not Dying Looks Like

What makes RSS truly powerful is that users still have the control. The beauty of the system is it that no one can force you to be tracked and no one can force you to watch ads. There are no security issues I am aware of and no one ever has to know what feeds you subscribe to. This may be the last area of the Internet that you can still say things like this.

Nice trainers, made by a Swedish firm using Slovenian moulds and machinery from the mid ’50s. As expensive as you’d expect from that description.