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Every Human in Star Wars is Really a Humanoid Bee

Here is my modest theory: the GFFA’s ‘humans’ are in fact sentient hive insects, organized around a single queen, a handful of fertile males, and a horde of infertile female soldiers.

Wonderful (though I wish Gladstone had left the last paragraph as an exercise for the reader).

My first gadget purchase of 2014.
Birmingham is first stop for Bill Drummond on 12-year world tour

Artist, musician and former KLF frontman Bill Drummond is embarking on a world tour of art, lectures and cake baking. Here he writes about his mission which begins in Birmingham this week.

As you might expect, Mr. Drummond arrived in Birmingham paddling a raft made out of a bed, covered in pots of daffs:

Teacher in Colombia investigated by police after confiscating World Cup stickers from kids to fill his own Panini album
Jackmaster: Made in Glasgow

Jackmaster celebrates the best of Glasgow’s unique dance and electronic music scene.