Screw, Clock, Hurl & Truth

DJ Screw Discography

The Internet Archive has 380 DJ Screw tapes, digitised and organised.

Literature Clock

A clock that tells the time with literary quotations. Lovely.

The quotes were originally gathered by readers of The Guardian Books Blog, inspired by Christian Marclay’s 2010 video installation ‘The Clock’, a 24 hour montage of film & TV clips showing the current time.


Hurl is a command line tool that runs HTTP requests defined in a simple plain text format. It can chain requests, capture values and evaluate queries on headers and body response. Hurl is very versatile: it can be used for fetching data, testing HTTP sessions and testing XML / JSON APIs.

Based on a True True Story?

Explore your favourite “based on a true story” films scene-by-scene, beat-by-beat and test their veracity on a data level.

Scrub through a film’s timeline to view scene descriptions and fact-checks, complete with sources. I like the option to set the pedantry level from ‘C’mon, it’s movies!’ to ‘Only the absolute truth’.