Botmaking, Swardspeak, Databases & Music Companions


Create a generative Mastodon bot using Tracery. This is a version of Cheap Bots, Done Quick! that runs as a single bot.

A Glitch project, so you can easily ‘remix’ it.


Swardspeak (also known as gay speak or “gay lingo”) is an argot or cant slang derived from Taglish (Tagalog-English code-switching) and used by a number of LGBT people in the Philippines.

The Swardspeak meanings of famous names are wonderful. E.g. Julie Andrews means to be caught cheating because the Tagalog for to be caught is hulì, which rhymes with Julie.


This library and command-line utility helps create SQLite databases from an existing collection of data. It is designed as a useful complement to Datasette.

Lets you insert JSON/CSV/TSV data into a SQLite database, run queries against a database & return JSON/CSV/TSV, create databases, generally monkey about with stuff in your databases, &c.

Apple Music Companions

A silver-grey oblong music player interface with play and seek buttons, a volume slider and details of the currently playing song

Control with modern recreations of the iTunes 10 MiniPlayer, the Mac OS X Tiger iTunes Dashboard widget, or the mostly-forgotten Music Player from the first Mac OS X Public Beta.

Amusingly, I can’t try them out because my Macbook Pro is too old.