Letterforms, Zettelkasten & Tumblr Tales

Letterform Online Archive

для голоса, designed by El Lissitzky (1918)

An archive of type specimens, design periodicals, adverts, calligraphy, &c.


zk is a command-line tool helping you to maintain a plain text Zettelkasten or personal wiki.

The Zettelkasten method is a bit too hardcore for me, but this is a great tool for keeping a bunch of notes that link to each other.

Tumblr Stories

A long list of new folktales written on Tumblr. The best known example, ‘The God of Arepo’, is based on a writing prompt–Temples are built for gods. Knowing this a farmer builds a small temple to see what kind of god turns up.–and written by three people. It’s been adapted as a graphic novel, twice.